Frequently Asked Questions

A Floater is a Virtual Receptionist who wants minimum commitment and the ability to log in and make some money on their terms. There are no roster requirements, simply login any time of the day or night and take any calls. Calls are paid at $0.0105 per second ($0.63/min)

You need to complete all the training modules which can take between 1-2 hours and then schedule a one-on-one with our recruitment and training specialist to do 5 successful simulated calls. Once this is completed and you are set live, you will have access to level 1, our basic requirement clients to get your confidence climbing. You will be required to roster at times when team leaders are online, who can provide you with feedback and guidance. You will progress through the levels 2-5 within the first month to become an unrestricted Virtual Receptionist (this is the maximum allowed time to become unrestricted). You will then be offered a Rostered rate.

The Rostered rate is $15.00 per hour including any tax if applicable. You are required to work a minimum of 15 hours per week, in peak times based on available times in the roster. Failure to work the minimum number of hours in the week, will result in you being paid for the calls you took at $0.0065 per second($0.39/min). Of course, you can do as many hours as suits you within company guidelines of a maximum block of 3 hours, with a mandatory break thereafter.

The Rostered rate is available to receptionists who completed the Trainee program.

You will be entitled to $15.00 per hour including taxes if applicable as well as have access to Shift Bonuses for Off-Peak hours.

The Dedicated rate is by invitation and after a Virtual Receptionist has proven to be a true professional. The minimum requirement is 30 hours per week of peak time and the rate for peak time is $22 per hour including tax if applicable.

Virtual Receptionists at this level are given the opportunity to be further promoted within the organisation in a range of roles.

The payment cycle is 21st-20th monthly, that means the monthly statement is generated on the 20th and you have until 27th to raise any concerns about it, then we pay into your bank account every month.

That really depends on the time you wish to invest as a Floater, however, on the Rostered rate you should expect to earn between $950 and $1,250 per month and on the Dedicated rate our virtual receptionists earn between $2,800 and $3,700 per month while getting on with their life.